Our Company

Leading Company in the manufacture and marketing of wet wipes , hygiene, cleaning products and cosmetics, for third parties.

Founded in 1991, with more than 50 active clients in 25 Countries around the world, and about 300 export/import annual business operations .

Offering a reliable customer oriented service, attending its commercial, financial and industrial needs, from product evaluation, definition, design, manufacturing and delivery.


Detecting innovative products with added value of interest for our customers, by adapting product characteristics to their commercial and specific market needs, in where it will be marketed. We minimize costs by having a minimal business structure.

Offering complementary products and a variety of presentations.

Full range of packaging and product specification options.

At diversify markets and applications , wet wipes in different sizes and packaging formats are required.

Kriport has the most complete range of options available, from rigid canisters and buckets, through flexible bags and flow packs.

Small or large, we can develop your own brand in any type of wet wipe package you may need.

Two manufacturing plants

We operate two production plants, equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and technology that guarantees our customers the highest quality products, and provides us with capacity to manufacture the widest range of products adapted to our customer’s markets needs.

carmel industries

Professionalism and efficiency

Deep knowledge of the markets where our products are being marketed.

We visit our clients at their countries, monitoring the work being done and providing solutions to achieve better competitiveness.

We explore new niches and market opportunities, minimizing logistic costs by negotiating with shipping agencies for large volumes of traffic operations.

We provide all documentation required for the local health registrations, requested by our customers.

All Kriport staff and its subsidiaries, speak Spanish, English and Portuguese fluently.

Online communications via Emails, Skype, Messenger, Phones and Cellphones.

Personalized service through our headquarters and two subsidiaries.

Current Immediate feedback response. 18 hours of fluent personal and direct communication.

Private Label

Manufacturing and packaging with brands and graphic images of our customers.

We have our own professional graphic department, who accompany the graphic production of laminates, labels, boxes, etc.

Export of bulk products, to be packed locally by our customers.

Put you label here!

Commercial Partners

We establish partnerships with our network of customers and suppliers around the world, based on cooperation and mutual trust.